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Earbuds and Earwax


In 2001, many of us switched out our bulky over-the-head headphones for something smaller. Fast forward to 2019, and many of us now love to sport the slim look of earbuds that simply pop right into your ear. 

However, those bulky things might have been better for your ear health- earbuds can increase earwax impaction.

Did you know... Wearing headphones creates a wonderful habitat for bacteria? In just an hour of wearing headphones, the number of bacteria in your ear increases by 700 times! Yuck! 

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I hate to break it to you- but one of the main drawbacks of using earplugs and earbuds is that they prevent the ears from cleaning themselves.

FUN FACT: Your ears are designed to lubricate, protect, and self-cleanse, but devices within your ears stop this process! 

Let me break this down- Your ears are designed to clean themselves. Think of a conveyor belt. The shape of your ear allows old earwax to be carried from the inner ear to the outer ear where it dries up and falls out.

Extensive earplug and earbud wearing can you prevent the wax from falling out naturally. These ear devices act as a “stopper” to this conveyor belt process. 

Every time you insert earbuds or earplugs into your ear- you are placing something into your ear that is not meant to be there. These objects push your naturally occurring wax deeper into your ear canal which can lead to a buildup of earwax.

The increase in wax buildup can lead to blockages or what is known as earwax impaction!

So next time you stick an earbud or earplug into your ear- think twice about that wax you are impacting.

Do you like to save time, money, and the embarrassment of having your earwax removed? You can now purchase Earwax MD in CVS stores nationwide, on Amazon, and Rite Aid stores. Earwax MD is a new and powerful technology that will safely and effectively remove and clean away unwanted earwax. 
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