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How Do You Clean Your Ears and How Often Should You Do It?


Are your ears as clogged as your inbox? Are people tired of you saying “what?” after everything they say? Not sure if you should clean out your ears on your own? We understand, and we’re here to help. 

How do you clean your ears and how often should you do it? It turns out, ears are sometimes self-cleaning, but not always. Wax gets pushed out of your ears when you chew or talk, and this can clear your ears if you have a normal or little amount of wax. If you have an excess amount of wax, however, you may find your ears impacted with the sticky stuff. Sounds around you may be muffled, and you may have a feeling of fullness in the ear and some itching. These symptoms indicate that it’s time to clean out your ears.

Using products like EARWAX MD® and WAX BLASTER MD® will help dissolve and blast away wax. EARWAX MD proved effective at dissolving the wax in a clinical study. We designed WAX BLASTER MD with an ergonomic structure in mind, the spray bottle fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand. Have you tried EARWAX MD or WAX BLASTER MD? Let us know about your experience!







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