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How is EARWAX MD Different than EAR CLEAN MD?


Good question!

EARWAX MD is a deep cleaning solution that dissolves and breaks down wax in as quickly as 15 minutes. If you have very clogged ears, we recommend using EARWAX MD paired with WAX BLASTER MD (sold separately) for a thorough, effective clean. You’ll be hearing those voices in your head again in no time.

EAR CLEAN MD is a weekly ear cleaning kit that is made to use weekly to maintain clean ears and wax-free canals. We recommend using EAR CLEAN MD in between uses of EARWAX MD for a routine clean that is gentle on skin yet tough on wax.

So, now you know the different functions of EARWAX MD and EAR CLEAN MD. Pick up both for all your ear cleaning needs. Don’t forget to use with WAX BLASTER MD for the best results!

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