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Need a Refill? All About Ear Care MD’s Refill Packs


Do you need a refill on your favorite Ear Care MD product? Have we got news for you! You can now find Ear Care MD refill products on our website and on Amazon. 

Fill ‘er up!

Check out our EAR CLEAN MD Refill Pack! It comes with 12 premixed packets of EAR CLEAN MD so you can rest easy knowing you’ve got back-ups of your favorite ear cleaner. The rinsing bulb is not included.Ear Clean MD Refill Pack

The WAX BLASTER MD Refill Pack has everything you need to reload that blaster! With 12 premixed packets of EAR CLEAN MD and 6 disposable green tips, you’ll be all set for weeks to come. WAX BLASTER MD and disposable green tips are not included.

Our EARWAX MD Single is a refill of your favorite product, EARWAX MD. It does not come with a rinsing bulb, so it’s perfect for people who already have one or who are using it with WAX BLASTER MD. Included are EARWAX MD drops that are clinically proven to clean away excess earwax.

There you have it! Our refill packs are amazing for fans of our product who don’t want to buy the kits again. You can find all of our products, including refill packs, on our website or on Amazon.


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