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Should I be Ear Candling?

Have you heard of ear candling? Have you ever wondered if it works? We’re here to answer all your ear candling questions. See the video below to understand why ear candling is dangerous and not...

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How Long Will EARWAX MD Take?

After buying EARWAX MD, you may be wondering how long EARWAX MD will take to work. It’s a good question. We happen to have the answer backed by scientific evidence.

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How is EARWAX MD Different than EAR CLEAN MD?

If you have very clogged ears, we recommend using EARWAX MD paired with WAX BLASTER MD (sold separately) for a thorough, effective clean. We recommend using EAR CLEAN MD in between uses of EARWAX MD for a routine clean that is gentle on skin...

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Eosera’s ear washing kit, WAX BLASTER MD, is an easy-to-use system that successfully cleans out the external ear canal from wax, oils, and debris. For best results, use with EAR CLEAN MD (included) or, for especially clogged ears, EARWAX...

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Earbuds and Earwax

In 2001, many of us switched out our bulky over-the-head headphones for something smaller. Fast forward to 2019, and many of us now love to sport the slim look of earbuds that simply pop right...

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How Do I Know if My Ears are Clean?

Do you find yourself saying “huh?” or “what’s that?” often around large groups or gatherings? Do your ear canals itch sometimes and feel uncomfortable? It could actually be earwax impaction. So, once you know the...

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