10 Characteristics of A Successful Entrepreneur

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In a recent blog, I gave you 10 tips on becoming a successful entrepreneur. Those tips are helpful, but they are not the only things that play a role in the journey to success. In this article, I will give you 10 characteristics of a successful entrepreneur.

10 Characteristics of A Successful Entrepreneur

1. Passion: Sound familiar? This was one of the tips from before. Having a passion for what you are trying to pursue is so important in becoming successful. Without that passion, you may have no drive when things get hard.

2. Fearless: This isn't addressing spiders, snakes, or any other type of creepy crawler but fearless in the means of risk-taking. Starting a new business takes a tremendous amount of courage, and you have to take some risks knowing that sometimes things may fail. Taking a risk could end in greatness.

3. Confidence: If you don't believe in yourself and what you are doing, why would anyone else? Everyone knows the saying 'confidence is key' and when it comes to entrepreneurship, it really is. If you believe in yourself and your idea, the possibilities are endless.

4. Knowledge: This one should be obvious, but without the proper education of marketing and other business techniques, you will probably struggle. You have time, no one is rushing you to start today. Take a class, read some books, speak to others who have started a business of their own and learn. Education is power.

5. Planning Skills: There is a lot of stuff that goes into planning and starting a business and just when you think you have everything together, you will find that you don't. Being an organized person is really helpful in these types of situations. If you aren't the most organized person in the world, try and change that... or maybe hire someone who is.

6. Be a People Person: There is no way to stress enough the importance of making connections with others. You have no idea who that person you open the door for is or even who they know. To be a successful entrepreneur you have to meet others who have already gone through the hardships and found their way to the top. They will motivate you and help you find your way.

7. Determination: You must have that 'whatever it takes' state of mind when entering the journey. When you have been knocked down time after time, remind yourself why you wanted to do this in the first place and keep your eyes on the future.

8. Adaptable: Once again, things are going to change. Your original idea will probably be far from what the ending product looks like. Take the changes with grace and provide a smooth transition to the other employees that may not exactly be able to. Change is going to happen, so you might as well start accepting it now.

9. Money Management: This is a hard characteristic for anyone to have. Sorry to break it to everyone but it takes spending A LOT of money to make money. Have a financial plan and try your best to stick to it. Things will definitely change along with your journey but try and keep in mind what else you have approached and remember you can't buy/spend money on everything that comes your way.

10. Tech Savvy: The world today is so advanced and without knowledge of the most up to date technology, becoming an entrepreneur could be challenging. You don't have to invent new technology, but using tech trends to save time and increase profit can give your business a strong advantage.

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Good Luck!

These are some of the hardest characteristics to find in a person, and maybe even harder to find somewhere in yourself. The best advice to give is to not go through the journey alone! With the help and support of friends and family, you got this!

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