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Eosera's Core Values


Eosera is a fast-developing company, growing the ear category with new product innovations. As we continue to grow, we make sure to hold our company’s values in mind when making important decisions. Eosera has 7 key core values:

  1. People – We value people before profit, always.
  2. Empowerment – We think everyone has the potential to be outstanding.
  3. Collaboration – We agree that everyone has something to contribute.
  4. Growth – We focus on continual improvement of ourselves our ventures.
  5. Passion – We have drive and an appetite for excellence.
  6. Bravery – We believe calculated risk-taking will result in great accomplishments.
  7. Positivity – We believe happiness is healing

We use these values to ensure that people remain our top priority. These core values are essential for our business to continue growing and still provide the best service for our customers. 


Eosera's Core Values



Eosera is happy to provide an ever-expanding ear care line, EARcareMD®!
Our products are available online on Amazon, in CVS stores nationwide and Rite Aid stores.
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