Women on a Mission to Heal Humans

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Elyse Dickerson, our CEO, and Co-Founder of Eosera Inc. explains how we decided to launch the campaign on International Women’s Day for two reasons.

“First, women worldwide are great proponents of improved healthcare and catalysts for change,” Elyse said. “I co-founded Eosera to develop healthcare products that address unmet medical needs. Earwax MD will change the lives of millions of people who suffer from earwax impaction.”

Second, Elyse said she wants to serve as a role model for women interested in the biotechnology field in the future.

“Biotech innovation is still a challenging career path for girls and women around the globe,” she said. “I asked for support for our Give One, Get One campaign and wanted to serve as an example by proving that starting a successful biotech company (as a woman) is possible.”

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Elyse Dickerson: CEO & Co-Founder of Eosera Inc.

Elyse has a successful track record of launching healthcare products around the world. Before starting Eosera, she spent 13 years working for Alcon, a Novartis Company, where, she focused on ophthalmic and otic pharmaceutical products. Elyse managed a portfolio of over $1.7 billion in annual revenues.

Elyse has spent her career developing products for unmet medical needs and bringing healthcare solutions to patients around the world.

She actively mentors women who pursue careers in healthcare and technology. Elyse is also a strong advocate for gender equality and women in business.

Among her, numerous industry honors are The Trailblazer Brand Champion Award and The 2016 Women in Technology Award from The Dallas Business Journal. In January, Elyse won the Mary Kay Pink Tank Business Pitch Competition! She holds a BA from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA from Southern Methodist University. 

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