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Jobs That Should Require Hearing Protection


Hearing loss is a very serious problem that no one really thinks about until they are affected by it. Yes, we should be held responsible when it comes to taking care of ourselves and that includes our ears... but when it can impact a lot of lives, maybe it's time employers step in. This article provides a list of jobs that would benefit from using hearing protection.

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Job Sites That Should Require Hearing Protection:

  • Construction Workers: Any type of construction site can be extremely loud! At first, it may not seem too bad but over time it can really damage your hearing abilities.
  • Airport Tarmac Workers: A jet engine is one of the loudest noise sources you can get in a working field. You are putting your hearing in some serious danger if you do not wear protection around this high level of noise.
  • Landscaping: I know this one sounds a little random but it's understandable if this is what you do for a living. The constant roaring of a lawnmower or leaf blower can actually be threatening to your ears.
  • Shooting Range Staff: It's no secret that a gunshot is loud. Just because you are not firing the gun, doesn't mean it is not affecting your hearing. The constant popping can be very damaging.
  • Music Artist/Concert Staff: We have talked about how dangerous loud music is before and that hasn't changed. Being that close and exposed to loud noise is never safe.

What Hearing Protection is Best?

Depending on your job, or reasoning for the hearing protection will depend on your specific need but there are a lot of different options that can do the job. Any type of earplug or ear muffs will help significantly in reducing the harsh sounds your ears experience. Comfort is another factor that goes into the deciding factor and what works for one person may not always work for another.

Protect Your Ears!

You never think you will have to deal with hearing loss... until you do. Use protection for your ears, you will be thankful you did! It will keep your hearing healthy and you will be able to keep your career longer.

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