Keep Your Music On And Your Hearing Healthy

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Do you love listening to music, but find you're struggling to hear as well as you used to? 

This is actually a very common issue. Our ears are constantly exposed to loud sounds, debris, and pressure, all of which affect our hearing. With many things affecting our ears and ability to hear, it is often difficult to determine the source or severity of hearing loss. In many cases, the hearing loss goes undetected altogether! This is especially true for adults. 

Click here for the top 4 reasons hearing loss goes undetected in adults.

However, don't allow your age or seemingly fading hearing to separate you from the things you love-- such as listening to music and laughing with friends.

When your hearing starts to fade, it has a way of making you feel like an outsider. You feel disconnected from the world around you. You become frustrated with having to ask for things to be repeated. We understand. However, sometimes the simple act of cleaning your ears correctly, and safely, can make a big difference for keeping your hearing alive and well!  

FREE eBook: The Beginner's Guide to Ear Care for Older Adults


Although it isn't always possible to regain complete hearing, it is possible to slow the progression of hearing loss and potentially prevent or delay hearing loss by taking proper care of your ears. For this reason, our team at Eosera has written a short eBook on the basics of ear care for older adults. 

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This eBook will help you understand the following: 

  • What is earwax and why do we have it?
  • Problems caused by earwax in older adults
  • The difference between conductive vs. sensorineural hearing loss
  • Best practices for daily ear care
  • How to care for your hearing aids 
  • How anxiety and fear affect your hearing

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Are you or a loved one suffering from hearing loss? It could be caused by earwax impaction.

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