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Ear Care Category Grows With More Self-Care Solutions


"One of the biggest trends we've seen this year is with ear irrigation devices. With sales higher than ever for Wax Blaster MD, people are realizing they can get ear irrigation devices over the counter to help with ear hygiene," says Elyse Dickerson, founder and chief ex­ecutive officer of Eosera. She notes that the ear care market is showing trends to­wards self-care and at-home care as opposed to doctor and ENT visits.

"Due to the COVID-19, people are wary about going to the doctor for something they can often do at home, so they seek over-the­-counter solutions for common problems such as earwax im­paction, ear irrigation, ear itch and regular ear hygiene. These people find that they get relief while saving a trip to the doctor and a co-payment."

She adds that other trends in­clude queries on how to clean AirPods or earbuds. "In 2019 alone, over 60 million people purchased AirPods, and up to 100,000 people search the query 'how to clean AirPods' monthly. So, we decided to answer every­one's question by creating and innovating the EarBud Clean­ing Kit, Eosera's latest consumer product that cleans AirPods and earbuds from wax and debris." The EarBud Cleaning Kit launch­es this month. 

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