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Happy Halloween! Quick Costume Ideas for People Who Don’t Like Costumes


 Halloween is just around the corner, which either strikes terror in you, or it thrills you. For me, it’s a bit of terror. I don’t like dressing up or really drawing attention to myself in any way. So, for you fellow introverts who have to brave a costume party, I’ve compiled a list of easy costume ideas that require minimal effort and are minimal conversation starters.


  1. Costume Ears

Did you think we’d be an ear care company and not mention costume ears? That would be EARresponsible of us. Don you cat ears, dog ears, and mouse ears and your favorite black t-shirt and you’ve got a costume, kitten.

  1. The Many Uses of a Striped Shirt

Red and white? Where’s Waldo. Black and white? Prisoner. Mime. Add an eye patch and you could be a pirate. The options are endless!

  1. The Denim Shirt

With a simple denim shirt and a red bandana, you could be one of the most iconic females in history—Rosy the Riveter. Add a cowboy hat and you could be a cowboy or cowgirl.

  1. Glasses

Pop on a black suit and some black sunglasses and you could become Men (or women) in Black. Or, if you’d rather, grab a pair of thick, black-rimmed glasses from the drugstore and a calculator for a great “nerd” costume.


These costume ideas are so easy, it’s spooky. Happy haunting, pumpkin!



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