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Is Ear Hygiene on Your Back-to-School List?


Freshly sharpened pencils, notebooks with crisp paper, and the promise of cooler weather is in the air. That’s right, it’s that time of year again: back to school time.

Whether you’re a teacher, a student, or a parent with kids, back to school time can be hectic-- this year especially. Between the shopping for new school shoes to remembering everything you learned in algebra last year, everything seems to point to summer coming to an end. And now, with the pandemic, kids and adults are restless.

Wanting to look and feel your best for your first day of school is normal. But while you’re prepping and primping for that first day, have you thought about your ear hygiene? Stack of 5 books

EARWAX MD and WAX BLASTER MD Ear Irrigation and Cleaning Kit help clear those ears from wax, oils, and debris, so you can look and feel fresh for your first day. It’s also important to clear those ears of that pesky wax so you can hear the teacher (in person or over zoom) properly. Wax impaction is common and can cause some temporary hearing loss until the wax is removed due to the wax blocking the tympanic membrane (eardrum).

So put EARWAX MD and WAX BLASTER MD on your back-to-school list today for fresh, ready-to-listen ears. Good luck with going back to school! Here at Eosera, we wish you a wonderful and HEALTHY year.



Eosera is happy to provide an ever-expanding ear care line, EARcareMD™!
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