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Why We Love Labor Day


Here at Eosera, we’re a fan of Labor Day. Not only is it fun to BBQ over the long weekend, but it has an important meaning that resonates with us. 

What is Labor Day All About?

America celebrates Labor Day on the first Monday of September every year. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, it’s a day to observe the social and lucrative accomplishments of American workers. It celebrates all the contributions American workers make to the economy and well-being of our country. Without hard-working Americans, our country would be obsolete. So not only is it a day off work, it’s a proverbial pat on the back from the United States. Pretty cool, right?

When Did Labor Day Come About?

Although other states already celebrated the holiday, Congress officially passed an act making the first Monday in September Labor Day on June 28th, 1894.

Why We Love Labor Day

Labor Day is a great way to celebrate how hard we work to make our businesses a success. From marketing, to supply chain, to manufacturing, to management, we all do our best to keep consumers and investors happy. Why not take a day to celebrate our contributions and accomplishments?


Happy Labor Day! We hope you get a much-needed break. Thanks for all your hard work!








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