Finally! A product designed to use weekly to keep your ears clean by washing away unwanted wax, oils, and debris. EAR CLEAN MD Weekly Ear Cleaning Kit includes enough product to keep your ears happy for 6 weeks. The powder formula, meant to be dissolved in water, moisturizes while it cleans for a gentle yet tough cleaning experience.

EAR CLEAN MD Refill Pack is now available.


For best results, we recommend using EAR CLEAN MD with WAX BLASTER MD (sold separately) for an optimal cleaning experience. Watch how to use EAR CLEAN MD and WAX BLASTER MD together in the video below.


How should I use EAR CLEAN MD?

  • Mix one packet of EAR CLEAN MD into 10 oz of warm water.
  • Shake to dissolve.
  • Fill the included rinsing bulb with the solution and rinse into the ear canal. Repeat until the ear feels clear and clean.

For best results, use EAR CLEAN MD with WAX BLASTER MD (sold separately) to rinse the external ear canals.

What are the ingredients in EAR CLEAN MD?

Sodium Bicarbonate, Erythritol, Colloidal Oatmeal, Panthenol (pro-Vitamin B5)

How often should I use EAR CLEAN MD?

EAR CLEAN MD is designed to be on a routine basis. We suggest weekly use, but it is always best to talk to your doctor before use.

What if EAR CLEAN MD doesn’t work for me?

If EAR CLEAN MD doesn’t seem to clear the wax from your ear, you may have a more severe case of impaction. We suggest using EARWAX MD in order to dissolve the earwax and clean the ear, then use EAR CLEAN MD for routine maintenance.

Who should use EAR CLEAN MD?

EAR CLEAN MD is safe for adults and children over two. Consult your doctor before use.

What’s the difference between EAR CLEAN MD and EARWAX MD?

EARWAX MD is designed to battle the toughest earwax impaction. EARWAX MD is a drop that works as quickly as 15 minutes to dissolve earwax. EAR CLEAN MD is a powder to be dissolve into water which is then used to rinse the ear canal. If you have impacted earwax, we suggest using EARWAX MD first then using EAR CLEAN MD on a weekly basis to maintain your clean and clear ears.


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