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Seasonal Essentials

  • Recommend Ear Pain MD® for rapid, temporary relief from pain.
  • Ear Dryer MD® is great to recommend for patients and parents to keep in their swim bag to dry ears after swimming.
Ear Pain MD

Ear Pain MD

Ear Pain MD uses 4% lidocaine as the active ingredient to temporarily relieve pain but is not intended to address an infection. These fast-acting drops contain 4% lidocaine: the maximum strength available without a prescription. Because it is applied topically, EAR PAIN MD temporarily soothes pain fast as it is applied to the site of the pain and calms the nerves to ease discomfort.

Ear Dryer MD

Ear Dryer MD

Ear Dryer MD is a small handheld ear dryer that helps dry ears of excess water with the push of a button. With a gentle flow of air, drying your patients ears after swimming or showering has never been easier. This small portable device easily fits into a swim bag or in your patient’s medicine cabinet.

We're All Ears!

Many of you have requested tear pads for your office so you can easily hand them out to patients when recommending Eosera products.

Here they are! Request recommendation pads and patient education brochures here.

Recommendation pads have 25 sheets per pad.


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