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Earwax Removal Drops for Pets

EARWAX PET TM  is a new, patent - pending formula that quickly and effectively cleans earwax, dirt, and other debris from the ear canal, reducing odor and irritation in the ears of our four-legged friends. Its a quick, easy, and painless way to keep your pets ears looking, smelling, and feeling good.

Key benefits of EARWAX PET:

  • Veterinarian - Recommended
  • Dissolves earwax effectively
  • Cleans dogs ears quickly
  • Your dog will love you fur - ever

how to use earwax pet

Earwax pet faq's

It’s recommended that most dog’s have their ears cleaned at least once a month. More cleanings may be needed if the dog frequently gets wet. Outside dog’s may also need more frequent cleanings than inside dogs.

The biggest sign that you need to clean your dog’s ears is odor. Their ears also need to be cleaned when they are red and irritated or have sensitivity around the ear.

It is important to clean your dog’s ears to avoid ear infections, odor and irritation.


Ear infections are common for dogs. It is best to prevent them by drying their ears after getting wet and giving regular cleanings.

For regular cleaning, it is not necessary to take your dog to the vet. You can simply use EARWAX PET at home. Your veterinarian can help you decide how often you may need to clean their ears. If your dog has frequent ear infections, it may be suggested to take them to the vet to find out the cause.

No. Never insert anything into your dog’s ears.

For large dogs, you can get approximately 20 uses if fully filling the dropper. Small dogs can get more around 40 if filling the dropper only half way.

calling all pet lovers: pets and their earwax

Just like us, dogs have earwax. Gross, we know! But it is super important not to neglect you dogs ears because they can get super stinky and lead to more serious problems. Check out our blog Calling All Pet Lovers: Pets and Their Earwax to learn more about your dogs earwax and how to help keep their ears clean and clear.

White fluffy dog being pet on the head by human

5 fun facts about your dog's ears

Number 1 with image of dog inside

Puppies are born deaf. For the first couple of weeks, their ear canals are closed off and they can't hear anything.

Number 2 with image of dog inside

Are you ever wondering if your dog is paying attention? You can tell by their ears! When a dog is engaged, they have erect ears that are facing forward.

Number 3 with image of dog inside

Dogs can hear EVERYTHING... they have the ability to pick up high-frequency pulses (which could even be vibrations of bugs in the walls).

Number 4 with image of dog inside

Depending on the breed, dogs have about 18 ear muscles. Humans only have 3, which explains why dogs can rotate, tilt, raise and lower their ears.

Number 5 with image of dog inside

According to Nationwide Pet Insurance, the number one reason owners took their dogs to the vet in 2016 resulted from ear infections.


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