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Recommend Wax Blasters to your patients on their next visit.

Wax Blaster MD Pro

Wax Blaster MD Pro

That’s right, we took it up a notch with our innovative WAX BLASTER MD® Pro. Electric, rechargeable, comfortable, and easy to use, WAX BLASTER MD Pro has everything you need to keep your ears feeling fresh. Included is EAR CLEAN MD®, a powerful yet gentle ear cleaning powder that mixes perfectly with warm water in the included water tank.

<p>Wax Blaster MD</p>

Wax Blaster MD

WAX BLASTER MD is the latest innovation from Eosera in ear irrigation devices. It is affordable, easy to use, and provides more control than a standard rinsing bulb. WAX BLASTER MD comes with3 packets of EAR CLEAN MD. Mix in EAR CLEAN MD and gently cleanse the ear canal, rinsing away wax, oil, and debris. EAR CLEAN MD helps reduce irritation by moisturizing the skin of the ear canal.

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Many of you have requested tear pads for your office so you can easily hand them out to patients when recommending EAR CARE MD products. Here they are!

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