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Ear Health Maintenance Routine

It is important for those who suffer from an over production of earwax to prevent extreme and hard to remove wax buildups by routinely

  1. cleaning with Earwax MD,
  2. rinsing with Wax Blaster MD,
  3. and hydrating with Ear Itch MD.
<p>Earwax MD Kit</p>

Earwax MD Kit

Earwax MD uses a patented dual-action formula to breakdown and dissolve earwax in as quickly as 15 minutes.

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<p>Wax Blaster MD</p>

Wax Blaster MD

Wax Blaster MD is the latest innovation from Eosera in ear irrigation devices. It is affordable, easy to use, and provides more control than a standard rinsing bulb.

<p>Ear Itch MD </p>

Ear Itch MD 

Say goodbye to dry ears! Ear Itch MD is a topical spray that delivers a gentle coating of oils to naturally moisturize the ear canal while calming dry skin.

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Many of you have requested tear pads for your office so you can easily hand them out to patients when recommending Eosera products. Here they are!


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