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Nose Well


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Tired of that stuffy, congested feeling? Finally, an easy-to-use system that effectively rinses the nasal passages.

We’ve hit it right on the nose. NOSE WELL™ Nasal Rinsing System is a revolutionary, innovative product that rinses the sinus cavities thoroughly with a saline rinse developed especially for your schnoz. With just the right amount of pressure and an easy-to-use, comfortable nozzle and rinsing bottle, getting that sinus relief is like a breath of fresh air.

Our scientists designed the NOSE WELL Nasal Rinsing System so you can rinse those nostrils safely and effectively. With little effort, those mouth-breathing days are over.

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Chloride

Contents: 25 packets of NOSE WELL Rinsing solution, 1 slow-flow nozzle, 1 regular nozzle, 1 300 mL bottle

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