Ear Drops for Pain Relief, Ear Wax Removal, and Itch Relief.

EAR PAIN MD® is the #1 Physician Recommended Brand of OTC Topical Ear Pain Relief

Blast that wax, ditch the itch, and say peace-out pain with eosera® clinically proven, doctor-recommended O-T-C ear care essentials.

Level Up Your Ear Care Game with eosera®

We’re *HEAR* to Clear Your Ears

Do ear issues disrupt your active lifestyle? eosera® offers safe and effective products that keep your ear canals fit, fresh and fabulous. From EAR PAIN MD® ear drops for pain relief to WAX BLASTER MD® with EAR WAX MD® earwax removal to EAR ITCH MD® soothing relief of dry, itchy ears, we've got what you need to achieve peak performance.

EAR PAIN MD® is the #1 physician-recommended brand of OTC topical pain relief.(1)

eosera® EAR WAX MD® is patented and clinically proven to dissolve earwax quickly, often within as little as 15 minutes, seriously outperforming competitors. You don’t have to put up with blocked ears and gross earbuds. Cleaning out those canals is seriously satisfying and just great self-care. You deserve it. Blast the wax™ with EAR WAX MD® drops available alone, in a kit with an earwax removal syringe, and in the ear wax cleaning system with an irrigator, WAX BLASTER MD®.

Each eosera® product is formulated to be gentle and easy to use at home. The eosera® scientists worked tirelessly to create products that work quickly, effectively, and easily enough to be used in the comfort of your home and are available without any prescription. These scientists also said they’re pretty cool, but that part wasn’t proven in our clinical trials…so we didn’t keep it in the notes.

eosera® ear care products are tailored to different
ear care needs.

Ear Drops for Pain and Comprehensive Ear Care

EAR PAIN MD® & EAR PAIN MD® for Kids pain relieving drops

Numb those aggravated nerves with on-contact relief! Ear drops for temporary topical ear pain relief with 4% lidocaine – the maximum strength available without a prescription. Peace out pain!


EAR ITCH MD® & EAR ITCH MD® for Kids for itch relief

Calm the itch within the ear canal that you just can’t scratch and soothe the dryness that causes it with natural moisturizers, with this ear-gonomic™ spritz to deliver right to the source. Ditch the itch for real relief!


EAR WAX MD®, EAR WAX MD® for Kids & WAX BLASTER MD® for itch relief for earwax removal and cleaning

Patented dual-action technology breaks down and dissolves ear wax in as little as one 15-minute treatment. Easy as DROP-DROP, TICK-TOCK, and WASH-WASH. Fill the ear canal with drops, wait 15-minutes of tick-tocks and wash that gross away with warm water and an irrigator like those cool purple ones found in our EAR WAX MD® Kit and EAR WAX MD® for Kids Kit or the blasting fun ear-igation™ bottle found in WAX BLASTER MD®! Blast that wax!

Trusted by Ear Care Experts

“EAR PAIN MD® and EAR PAIN MD® for Kids work rapidly for pain relief, locally and topically, to address the problem.”

EarPain MD
J. Mack Slaughter, MD

Emergency Room

EAR WAX MD® “…represents a game-changing paradigm in how we can help these patients feel better. We know that it’s effective because it’s been tested in clinical trials…And most importantly, we know that it’s safe.”

EarWax MD
Soham Roy, MD

Chief of Pediatric Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery

“If ear buds or hearing aids are causing the itch, use a product like EAR ITCH MD® to provide relief.”

Clifford R. Olson, Doctor of Audiology

Founder of Applied Hearing Solutions


Top Tips for Optimal Ear Health

  • Don’t use cotton swabs. Just don’t! You know this. They’re just going to push wax deeper or damage your ear canal—or both. And really, some ear wax is healthy. It helps protect your ear canal from dirt, bacteria, and other substances that might harm the ears.
  • For proper earwax management, EAR WAX MD® is clinically proven to work in as little as 15 minutes, not days.
  • Get regular exercise. Yep. It’s good for your ears, too, fitness fan. Exercise improves circulation, which helps keep your ears healthy.
  • Stay hydrated and eat healthy. Uh-huh. A diet rich in vitamins and antioxidants supports ear health.
  • Protect your ears from loud noise. Use earplugs or other ear protection in noisy environments.
  • Turn down the volume. Even when you need that driving music to power you through your workout, keep the volume moderate: listen at 60% for no more than 60 minutes daily.

At eosera®, we understand that ear health is crucial for maintaining your overall well-being and performance. That's why we've collaborated with leading doctors and listened to the voices of consumers to create a comprehensive range of solutions that address your top ear care needs. We’re **HEAR** for ya!