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PharmaVoice 100 - Entrepreneur

“As an entrepreneur and a champion for womens equality in the work force, Elyse Dickerson has built a multi-million-dollar company from scratch with the mission of healing humans.”

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How the Personal Care Movement is Fueling the Ear Care Category!

“Due to COVID-19, more people are opting out of visiting the doctor and are driven online and toward essential businesses’ store shelves. We are seeing a rise in both e-commerce and retail sales due to people finding the relief they need through over-the-counter products. The increase in online sales is most notable. Brands like Earwax MD and Ear Pain MD are seeing 300% increase in e-commerce sales. Retail store growth remains strong as well.”

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Advice From A Female CEO: How To Build Confidence In And Out Of The Office

The last 20 years in business taught me a few ways to build confidence when you’re the only woman in the room. I now own a biotech company, and the women in my office share my same sentiments and weighed in on how they grew their confidence in the workplace. It’s all about quieting that inner critic, low stakes practicing and knowing that work doesn’t equal your worth.

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Ear Care Company Founder Heard the Call of Entrepreneurship

Eosera CEO talks with Kelly Scanlon of Talking Business podcast about her experience with entrepreneurship and lessons she has learned as a woman in the biotech industry.

Tune in as Dickerson shares her experiences.

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Fort Worth Teens Given Free Feminine Care Products

A drive-thru donation effort in Fort Worth this past weekend brought free feminine care products to teenage girls and their families.

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Staggering Workers' Schedules Gave this Biotech Company a Productivity Boost.

Elyse Dickerson has spent a lot of time wiping down door knobs, work stations, and other high-traffic touch points in anticipation of her employees returning to the office. Although she's Eosera's CEO and co-founder, she knew that without her cleaning efforts, the Fort Worth, Texas-based biotech firm wouldn't be ready for a meeting with all 20 employees earlier this week.

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A steep sales decline was expected. The opposite happened.

When COVID-19 started to spread throughout the U.S., Elyse Dickerson thought her business would see a "steep decline" in sales. Instead, the opposite happened. Dickerson is CEO of Eosera, a small Fort Worth company that makes products that dissolve impacted earwax. It's been a challenge to keep up with elevated demand, Dickerson said, because the company sources some components from China, which has seen disruptions since the beginning of the year.

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How One Kid Raised Thousands for People in Need of Hearing Aids

Marketing Communications Associate, Katie Marler writes about Braden Baker. Branden is a friend to Eosera and a hero to so many. When his dog chewed up his hearing aid and his mom told him how lucky they are to afford replacements, Braden took that lesson to heart and began raising money for those around the world in need of hearing aids.

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Elyse Dickerson On Balancing Being a CEO with Your Homelife During Covid-19

Elyse Dickerson chats with Kate Daniels of Sunday Morning Magazine and shares some of her life and navigating tips to help us along in this COVID reality, and suggests we might be discovering some new good habits.

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The Self Care Movement Helps to Grow the Ear Care Category

EAR ITCH MD Nighttime and EAR CLEAN MD are highlighted as self-care options. Self-care is more than face masks and bath bombs. The retail shelves have more and more options everyday - including Eosera's EARcareMD product line.



Elyse Dickerson met with David Johnson at KRLD to discuss Eosera's story of conception, growth and looking forward to what's next.

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"Elyse Stoltz Dickerson is an earwax entrepreneur. Yes, you heard that right. Stay with me here. After being let go from her big-time corporate job, Elyse and her colleague, who had also been let go from the same company, decided they wanted to start their own business, but they didn’t quite know what unmet need the would fill in the market."

What this biotech CEO learned from Big Pharma

A Q & A with Elyse Stoltz Dickerson, who leads strategy and day-to-day operations at biotechnology company Eosera Inc. Click on bizwomen - The Business Journals logo to the left to read the full article.



Elyse Dickerson, CEO and co-founder, Eosera named for Business Excellence.


These CEOs were selected from hundreds of nominees. Qualifying nominees took part in a peer-voting process this summer in which CEOs rated colleagues in their industry based off of an indexed scoring system. Business Journal readers also selected their most admired CEOs in a special Readers Choice survey. Over 5,100 readers participated. The top four CEOs in the survey (each receiving over 5 percent of the total vote) were:

Why I Made It My Business To Transform People’s Well-Being

"Going from big pharma to launching my own health care company, I knew I wanted to do business differently than the large corporations. You know the leadership trend — where companies treat money as not only the first priority but seemingly like the only priority; where no one is allowed to make that inevitable error and learn from those mistakes."


"After spending more than a decade at Alcon. Elyse Dickerson co-founded biotech firm Eosera and secured $1.2 million to launch the companies first product - an earwax cleaning solution."

D CEO: Founder, Elyse Dickerson, in Lab
D CEO Features Elyse Dickerson as Woman Leader

Chesney Woodchek writes on how Elyse Dickerson "rebounded" from the loss of her job "by creating a biotech firm called Eosera and securing $1.2 million in funding o launch the company's first product: and earwax cleaning solution." Elyse goes on to mention advise she has for women in business saying, "women need to stop feeling guilty about what we should be or how we should act."  

3 Things Women Should Do To Jump Over Obstacles In STEM

Be curious and have a learning mindset. Cultural stereotypes and unconscious biases often send girls a message that they are not good at science and math. the message is reinforced when girls look around and see mainly men in STEM professions. The message then becomes part of their belief system, reinforcing it even further. In an effort to avoid failure, young women often shy away from pursuing a degree or career in STEM.

Eosera CEO, Elyse Dickerson, Named 2019 Fort Worthian to Watch

Eosera, a Fort Worth biotech company founded by ex-Alcon vets Elyse Dickerson and Joe Griffin, has had a strong launch. The company, a leader on Fort Worth’s life sciences scene, put its first product — EARWAX MD, ear drops for impacted wax — on Amazon in spring 2017 and followed that up quickly. Its EARWAX MD, EAR PAIN MD and EAR PAIN MD For Kids are in CVS stores nationally. In 2019, the company is to launch EAR ITCH MD at CVS, and WAX BLASTER MD, a kit that includes a large dispensing bottle in a smaller number of CVS stores.

Elyse Dickerson speaking at Fort Worth Business Press

Top 100: Top Woman-Owned Company Eosera Inc.

Eosera is a biotechnology company that develops health care products to improve the lives of both doctors and patients. Its first product line focuses on solving common ear conditions, such as earwax impaction with EARWAX MD and WAX BLASTER MD, painful ears with EAR PAIN MD, and itching ears with EAR ITCH MD.

The company was founded in March 2015 by Elyse Dickerson and Joe Griffin in Fort Worth.


It was an interesting question, and one the co-founders of the Fort Worth life sciences company Eosera had been pondering. “I don’t know how people did this 30 years ago,” said Elyse Dickerson, CEO of Eosera, which a year ago launched its EARWAX MD solution that dissolves stubborn earwax. EARWAX MD is now for sale nationally in CVS stores and on Amazon and its own website, and the company this year is pushing out related products.

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