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Eosera, Inc.

Wax Blaster MD - Irrigation Device

Wax Blaster MD - Irrigation Device

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Wax Blaster MD® is the latest innovation from Eosera in ear irrigation devices. It is affordable, easy to use, and provides more control than a standard rinsing bulb.

Wax Blaster MD is gentle enough to use routinely and strong enough to blast away unwanted wax and debris. The Wax Blaster MD spray bottle is specifically designed with a unique, ergonomic structure in mind and fits comfortably in the palm of your patient’s hand. The custom-made tip is soft and flexible allowing for easy positioning in the outer ear and just the right amount of water pressure to clean the ear canal quickly and thoroughly. The rinse basin’s ergonomic design fits right under the base of the ear. Maintain clean and clear ears by using Wax Blaster MD.

Contents: 10 OZ bottle, 1 extender tip, 3 green disposable tips, 1 ergonomically designed rinsing basin, Ear Wax MD limited time bonus 

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