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Earwax MD Kit


Clinically proven to dissolve earwax in as fast as 15...

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Wax Blaster MD


WAX BLASTER MD is the latest innovation from Eosera in...

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Earwax MD


EARWAX MD 15mL single bottle Clinically proven to dissolve earwax...

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Ear Itch MD Nighttime


Say goodnight to itchy ears! One of Eosera’s latest innovations...

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Ear Clean MD


EAR CLEAN MD is gentle on the skin yet tough...

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Earwax MD for Kids


EARWAX MD for kids is safe and clinically proven to...

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EARWAX PET is perfect for a man's best friend! Keep...

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We’re Proud To Be Everything Ear Care, And Proud To Be Creating The Latest Innovations In Ear Care In Decades.

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It’s EARresponsible to neglect your ears.


What Is Earwax?

Too much earwax can often cause serious problems.


Imagining A World Where Healthcare Is Human

The vision of Eosera® extends far past what you see today. We are setting a new standard for biotechnology companies as a whole by continuing to innovate and develop effective products with lasting impact, prioritizing people over profit, and staying true to company values.


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