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How to Blast that Wax™ with Ear Wax MD®

Six Simple Steps to Effective Earwax Cleaning

Lie down on your side in a comfortable (but not so comfortable that you’re like Jello) position. Be sure your ear is facing straight up like a cup: it has to hold the drops in, not spill them out. At least not till it’s time. Place a towel on your should just in case you accidentally let something drip. Or you overfill your ear. Don’t feel bad. It happens.

Grab your EAR WAX MD® wax cleaning drops.

Slowly squeeze that blessed liquid into your ear canal, one drop at a time. Embrace your uniqueness! Just like humans, every ear canal is a little different so the number of drops you need might be way different from someone else’s. Don’t worry about being like everyone else. When your ear feels full, you’re done adding the earwax cleaner.

Set a timer for 15 minutes and stay in this position. No, you cannot get up and put the dishes away. This is not the time for multitasking. Take a break. Meditate. Enjoy the peace. Stay still with your ear containing this precious liquid and let EAR WAX MD® do its job.

Did your 15-minute timer go off? Hooray! It’s time to rinse your ears. You have three options:
• Get yourself over the bowl or sink and fill the ear-gonomic™ rinsing bulb (that’s the purple bulb) with warm water. Now you can turn that ear down and flush your ear canal using the warm water in the bulb.
• You could also just hop in the shower and tilt your head to let that wonderful warm water flow into your ear canal and flush out that wax.
• Our favorite option is the eosera® WAX BLASTER MD® (sold separately) for a super special streaming earwax cleaner experience. The WAX BLASTER MD points a power stream into your ear canal to really, well, blast out that earwax. If you’re waxy and you know it, blast that wax.

If you have excessive earwax in one ear, you probably have it in both, right? Now flip over like a pancake and let’s tackle the other ear! You know the drill –just revisit steps 1-5 on your other ear.

It’s like a turbocharger for EAR WAX MD®

How to Use the WAX BLASTER MD®

Don’t get us wrong, EAR WAX MD® works great to clear out excessive earwax with or without the WAX BLASTER MD®. But there’s something ear-ily satisfying about muscling up the process.

Step 1

Before you put EAR WAX MD® into your ear, take the end cap off and attach the extender to the bottle. Take one of those green tips and put it on the end of the extender.

Step 2

Fill the bottle with warm water and prime that pump by spraying some water into the sink. We know it’s tempting to start a squirt gun fight, but stay focused. You’re so close.

Step 3

Once your 15 minutes with EAR WAX MD® in your ear is up, put the little basin under your ear to catch the outflow. Get ready!

Step 4

Place that little green tip into your outer ear canal and rapidly pump the WAX BLASTER MD® to flush out all the stuff that EAR WAX MD® set free. (Sometimes it’s really gross. Sometimes it’s just water. Both are totally normal.)

Now doesn’t that feel good?

Earwax is Gross!

Why Do We Have It Anyway?

It seems kinda gross to us, but earwax has a job to do. It’s produced by glands in the ear canal and helps protect your precious ears from bacteria, dirt, dust, and other outsiders. While some earwax is healthy, too much can have negative effects. Hearing aids and earbuds can trigger a higher volume of earwax production, which can lead to a lower volume of hearing. Huh? We said, that’s why we humans need earwax cleaners that work! And we got ya!

How to Peace Out Pain™

It’s your nerves, sweetie. Let us help with that.

Ear pain makes you wanna cry, right? When it comes on, you’re desperate for any relief, willing to try anything to make the agony just stop. Well you don’t have to try just anything. We got you. EAR PAIN MD® works on contact to desensitize aggravated nerve endings, offering fast, temporary relief of ear pain.

It’s as simple at 1-2. Or maybe 1-2-3.

Here We Go!


Tilt your head to the side, with your sore ear up. If they both hurt, you’re going to have to choose one side to start with. Life’s all about choices.


Apply 2 or 3 drops into
the ear.
Don’t let the applicator touch your ear.


Keep your head tilted for 3 to 5 minutes, set a timer! This is the time it takes for our 4% lidocaine solution to do its work to soothe those inflamed nerves.


Time’s up? Tilt your head upright and wipe away any excess that sneaks out of your ear.

If you’ve got pain in your other ear, turn over and repeat on your other side, too.
The relief is real, right? We know. But please limit your use of this powerful product to no more than 4 times a day. And if you’re in this kind of ear pain, we need you to see your doctor, please! Like, pronto.

*For the temporary relief of pain. See product details.

How to Ditch the Itch™ with EAR ITCH MD®

Ears the deal: you don’t have to put up with itchy ears!

When your ears itch, shun the sharp implements that just make matters worse. The answer is soothing, calming, natural moisturizers delivered in a gentle spritz.

  • Remove any hearing aids, earbuds, or other ear devices. We know it seems obvious, but…
  • Prime the EAR ITCH MD® bottle by spraying a few times.
  • Put the ear-gonomic™ spray tip in your ear and give it a couple of spritzes. Even our aunt Agatha can do it, it’s so simple
  • Wait 15 minutes before putting your earbuds or hearing aids back in.

eosera® ear care products are for humans with ears aged two and up!