Eosera continues to innovate ear care category

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FORT WORTH — Eosera is bringing innovation back to ear care. “We’ve got a solution for all your needs from ear pain to excess wax and even itchy ears,” says Elyse Dickerson, cofounder and chief executive officer of the company, a Dallas-Fort Worth-based, female-led biotech company.   

Focused on ear care, Eosera was founded in 2015 by Dickerson and Joe Griffin. Dickerson has over two decades of experience leading teams in the health care and pharmaceutical industries. She managed portfolios with annual revenues of $1.7 billion and drove product innovation and the commercialization of numerous technologies across the globe.

With a dedicated workforce of 30 employees and best-in-class products such as Earwax MD and Ear Pain MD now available in over 28,000 retail stores, Eosera disrupts the sleepy ear care category with new technology and innovative go-to-market strategy. Cementing its place on the Inc. 5000 List for three years running, and boasting a three-year revenue growth of 292%, Eosera continues to expand.

As a woman in STEM and business, she wants to help close the gender gap in biotech. In launching her own biotech business, Dickerson came up against her own set of obstacles, but she was determined to succeed.

Dickerson says product recalls continue to disrupt the eye and ear care category. “This will require retailers to reevaluate private label manufacturers and the countries from which they source their products in the future. Although countries outside of the United States manufacture products at meager prices, the quality needs to be in line with FDA expectations. When products fail to meet these standards, it can lead to massive supply chain disruptions. Purchasers seek effective and safe products and are beginning to understand that the cheapest option is not always the safest. Shoppers are increasingly willing to pay a premium for the insurance of a safe product regarding personal health and the health of their families,” she adds.

Dickerson says the drug channel leads the way with innovation in ear care. “Shoppers look to the drug chains for the newest products. Eosera is leading the way in ear care. We are excited to announce the launch of single-use products in our Ear Wax MD and Ear Pain MD formulations. The new single-dose vials provide a new delivery to give just the right amount of product for the ear canal and can be dosed on the go. It’s a perfect answer for consumers seeking their favorite ear care remedies on demand.”

She notes that consumers want to be able to take care of everyday eye and ear care needs at home. “They are proactively seeking brands they can trust with a comprehensive lineup of products to care for the needs of their family. Recent research told us that 44% of consumers use more than one type of ear care product. Therefore, buyers are eager to purchase products from one brand that offers an assortment to resolve their needs.”

She points out that Eosera produces ear care products from its Fort Worth headquarters. “Users can trust the safety of the products. The product portfolio focuses on ear care, efficacy and clinically proven effectiveness. Consumers can choose from Eosera’s USA-made, patented products to remedy ear concerns like pain, wax and itch that are superior to the other mysterious-origin private label or ineffective legacy brand products.”

She adds that the company continues to revolutionize ear care with innovative, practical products that answer the needs of today’s conscious consumers. “The company is launching a line of doctor-recommended and clinically proven products in a new delivery system of Single-Use Vials. The line provides on-the-go delivery to busy users seeking premium, effective solutions to their ear care needs. With practically one-handed application, Eosera’s single-use delivery system provides users with ear relief and peace of mind knowing the products are made in the United States. This single-use delivery will provide a lower price point to address the ongoing inflationary pressures many consumers face. Eosera Ear Pain MD Pain Relieving Drops Single Use Treatments (10x 0.5 mL vials) and Eosera Ear Wax MD Ear Cleaning Drops Single Use Treatments (5x 1.5 mL vials) will be available for purchase at local retailers and eosera.com.

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