Dissolve and clean away earwax at home!

Loads of reviews prove EAR WAX MD blasts the wax

Blast the wax at home with WAX BLASTER MD® and EAR WAX MD® anytime. Ain’t no party like an earwax party! Loads of reviews have told us we’re the best at dissolving and blasting away way. If that weren’t enough, we have actual proof to prove it.

  • Taylor Holland- Mother and Ear Pain MD Customer

    "Ear Pain MD is a must-have for any parent's medicine cabinet"

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  • Braden Baker- Ear Wax MD Customer

    "I would definitely recommend Ear Wax MD. I use hearing aids, and every day I have what I can earwax explosions. In class, I have to get up and wipe out my ear. I remember the first time I used Ear Wax MD, the explosions didn't happen for a week."

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  • Robin Carson, AuD

    "I would say three out of ten patients would need to remove wax from their ears before we can get a good hearing test, and certainly before we can have them hear better with the use of devices. Ear Wax MD would be something we can use confidently for at-home patients and also in the office."

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  • Douglas Fullington, MD

    "Greater than 85% of all ears has total clearing of cerumen after 1 or 2 treatments"