Co Founders Elyse Dickerson and Joe Griffin share what motivated them to start the company and the values that continue to drive us today.

Our Story

eosera’s story begins with Elyse and Joe. After leaving their corporate jobs at Alcon in 2015, they decided to start their own biotechnology business and began by speaking to as many doctors as possible to learn what unmet need was present in the market. Through their efforts, they found that ear care was an underserved category that hadn’t seen innovation in decades.

Based on Elyse’s background in the commercialization and marketing of healthcare products and Joe’s experience in research and development, they knew they could revolutionize the sleepy category of ear care. They partnered with Tech Fort Worth and got to work in the UNT Health Science Center lab. After 9 months of formulating, testing, and trial and error, they found the winning formula that dissolved earwax in as quick as 15 minutes—EARWAX MD.

After winning a $50,000 pitch competition hosted by Comerica bank, Elyse and Joe were able to fund a clinical trial for EARWAX MD to test its efficacy. The results of the clinical trial were stunning. 86% of ears were cleared with 1 to 2 15-minute treatments, and 100% of the participants were happy with the results of the study. Against the leading earwax removal treatment, EARWAX MD performed statistically better at dissolving and breaking down
earwax—and did so in as quick as 15 minutes. Now that Elyse and Joe had the product and the data, they needed distribution.

Elyse was granted a 10-minute meeting with the buyer at CVS to pitch EARWAX MD, hoping
CVS would take the product in at least 2,000 stores. The buyer at CVS loved her pitch and wanted to take EARWAX MD in all 8,000 stores in just a few short months. Soon after, Rite Aid was added to Eosera’s distribution list and we were shipping out EARWAX MD to
thousands of stores across the country.

We soon brought manufacturing in-house to better control the quality of our products and to
stay nimble, making products on demand. Eosera developed new products to address other ear concerns, creating a portfolio of ear care products to include EAR PAIN MD, EAR PAIN MD for Kids, EAR ITCH MD, and WAX BLASTER MD.
eosera continued to innovate in the ear care space, introducing electric devices into the category, like WAX BLASTER MD PRO and EAR VIEW MD. In 2022, eosera secured distribution in Kroger, Walmart, and Walgreens, making the total stores carrying eosera products over 26,000. eosera continues to innovate and find gaps in
the market, widen distribution, and manufacture products in-house to create jobs and boost the economy.